Shut down your hot tub with confidence this winter.


At Browns Plumbing we recommend you use your tub year round, but if getting into your tub this winter is not on your to do list, then lets make sure you shut it down properly.   Following theses steps will ensure you can start it up in the spring with no major issues.

  1. Turn off the power to the tub.
  2. Drain the water; you can use a sump pump, the drain installed on the tub, or use a hose to siphon out the water.
  3. Remove your filters, clean if necessary or throw out if they are old.
  4. Unscrew any fittings to allow drainage of the plumbing, heater, and pumps.  
  5. Blow out the pipes with a shop-vac.  This is an important part of shutting down your tub. This will remove any water that has settled in the pipes.  Move from jet to jet blowing out each one.
  6. Remove any water that did not drain out of the tub and wipe dry.
  7. Clean the shell and cover. 
  8. Secure the cover with straps for the winter. 

At Browns Plumbing we can help you shut you hot tub down for the winter or make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your tub during the cold quite winter months.


Cameron Brown
Browns Plumbing Pumps & Spas
73 years in Marysville