We are a full service pump company, providing you with pump systems for all your water and waste water needs.

Well Pumps

We take pride in doing the job right using only the highest quality products available to us, providing a longer lasting more dependable well pump system. When designing pump systems, we use the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure the system will operate as efficiently as possible.

We take the time to be sure that the system meets both your current and future needs.

What does doing it right mean?

  • Having the work done by a Washington State Licensed pump installer
  • Pulling the old pump and installing the new pump, done with a boom truck
  • Sizing the pump for what the well can produce in GPM (gallons per minute)
  • Using new pipe, wire, torq arrestors, and check valves
  • Making sure that the other components of the system are working right
  • Insuring that the system can meet the demands placed on it

Pressure and Storage Tanks

We can install, repair, and remove old tanks. Your pressure tank is very important to the operation of your well system. In most cases, the reason why your well pump has failed is because the pressure tank failed first, causing the pump to short cycle. We keep in stock the highest quality diaphragm tanks from Well X Trol.

In general, the larger the tank the fewer pump cycles and longer pump and tank life

We can provide you with the following for your well system

  • Pump replacement: Submersible and Jet Pumps
  • Electrical trouble shooting of controls
  • Low yield storage and booster pumps
  • Real estate inspections and testing
  • Replacement of pressure tanks
  • Jet pump to submersible conversions
  • Pumps for irrigation systems

Water Filtration

Private well water can be affected by any number of contaminants. Even if it has passed the County test for harmful contaminants, it can contain many minerals that affect the quality. Even municipally treated water that meets all federal guidelines can contain bacteria, along with a host of other contaminants.

The question we hear all the time is, 'How much will it cost to clean up my water?' Once a proper water test has been taken and analyzed, we can answer that question. Then we can build a drinking water system that best suits your treatment needs and budget.

We can install a system to help with:

  • Iron, manganese, and tannins
  • Sulfur gases or rotten egg smell
  • Low PH or green staining
  • Bacteria
  • Sand

Sewer and Septic Pumps

If any part of your system is not working properly, it can have a negative effect on one or more of the other parts. Calibrated properly, they should work together, each part performing an important function. Our qualified technicians have years of experience out in the field; they know what needs to be done and can repair any and all problems safely and correctly.

System Maintenance and Inspection

Keep your water and waste water system working well. If you don’t know whether you need a pump, new tank or a replaced part, call Browns today! With over 70 years of experience, we can answer all of your water and waste water system questions. We’ll help you keep your system running strong for the years to come.

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